B2G Expert

Putting People First !

We provide our clients with competent and experienced professionals
who have followed a rigorous selection process

We are aware that our experts can be strong assets in the development of new drugs for patients. We therefore owe it to wisely ourselves not only to select them according to the needs of our clients, but also to support them and to train them throughout their missions.

Profiling & Candidates selection

Available Profiles

Selection Process

Start-up & Support

Client briefing

Recruiting a collaborator is not just a matter of technical skills. Most of all, it is a matter of identifying the right profile who will master the mission and be able to adapt to a business, a team and a project context. 

Mission Start-up & Support

We set up a professional follow-up process during the first months of the assignment, in coordination with the client, to ensure proper integration of the collaborator into the team and to propose action plans if needed. 

Continuing education

​​We ensure that the technical knowledge of our employees is up to date. 
Regular trainings  are organised.

Our Strengths